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UNESCO patronage for “Solution – Leadership for Sustainability”

2 October 2009 | Category: news | Keywords: , , , , ,

unesco-desdHonoring contributions to the United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development, the Austrian Commission for UNESCO annually awards patronage to selected projects and initiatives – and today recognized our “Solution – Leadership for Sustainability” conferences for their “impact on youth, their innovative learning approach and the cultural diversity of their participants”.

While we are happy and grateful for the recognition, we especially thank the many facilitators, partners and participants of previous years who made this happen. More than that we are also very excited to soon launch an enriched program for 2010 – now under official UNESCO patronage…

“The United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (2005-2014) seeks to integrate the principles, values, and practices of sustainable development into all aspects of education and learning, in order to address the social, economic, cultural and environmental problems of the 21st century.”

Winners of Social Impact Award 2009 announced


With 59 applications from more than 200 students, a community of more than 300 members and several activities and workshops over just a few weeks time – the Social Impact Award 2009 was successfully concluded today in a ceremony for the first three winners of the award:

  • 1st place for Project-E: A successfully established vocational school with accredited curriculum to provide Ethiopian orphan girls a future-oriented education and break the chains of poverty and patriachal societal pressures.
  • 2nd place for Hunza Dynamo: A new concept to strengthen the local economical and social structures of the Hunza Valley in Pakistan through the establishment of new trekking routes and sustained eco-tourism offers.
  • 3rd place for Kunterbunt Foundation: A novel idea for “the touchable museum” that will allow blind people to experience the full beauty of art in an exhibition of 3D sculptures from famous paintings such as the Mona Lisa.

Project-E, Hunza Dynamo and Kunterbunt Foundation will each be awarded a 3 month unlimited membership of The Hub Vienna (opening fall 2009). Additionally, subsequent workshops and community activities for all applicants will soon be announced as further support for the many submitted ideas, concepts and prototypes.

Looking back: more impressions and information on the award are now available at… Looking ahead: In 2010 emersense will continue the partnership with the Social Impact Award to again reward students with innovative ideas and new approaches to bringing about positive change in society. Stay tuned for more information.

Creative workshop for aspiring social entrepreneurs

30 April 2009 | Category: news, opportunities | Keywords: , , , , ,

Push The ButtonAs part of the Social Impact Award, we will be hosting a creative sessions for students interested in developing and submitting their initiative: Following upon a brief general introduction to the award and its opportunities, special focus is set on enabling the development of new ideas and assisting in the realization of created concepts. Furthermore, the relaxed atmosphere will provide space for new connections and possible collaborations to be initiated.

This workshop is open for students of all universities. It will take place on 08 May 2009 at 5.00pm in “Depot” (Breite Gasse 3, 1070 Vienna). More information and registration for the workshop available at the new facebook group of the award.

The Social Impact Award is an initiative by EC Vienna and emersense. It is rewarding students with innovative ideas and new approaches to bringing about positive change in society. Applications for this award can be submitted until 30 May 2009, 10pm. For more information, resources, links and details on the award please visit and see the role of emersense here.