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Emersense launched The Hub

5 December 2009 | Category: news | Keywords: , , ,

It’s official: On 4 December we opened our doors for the first time and launched The Hub. Though the space will still need some restoration, furnishing and creative touches over the upcoming weeks, we were happy to spend a lively, exciting and certainly diverse first evening with many of you in this new home for value-creators in Lindengasse 56/18-19, 1070 Vienna. So much in brief, for more just have a look at the pictures and visit the new website


Turning 2 – and launching 2010

21 November 2009 | Category: review | Keywords: , ,

With new people on board, various initiatives in the making and a slightly redesigned organization, we are entering the third year of emersense… More information and details will be released soon, for now we would just like to share a few impressions from yesterday’s launch:

“emersense.ning” – new virtual space launched

10 April 2009 | Category: news, opportunities | Keywords: , , ,


Enriching our current activities to nurture spark and intent for contribution, we are today launching emersense.ning – a new virtual space to support the journeys, ideas and connections of value-creators across the world. Creating new opportunities for individuals and communities to cultivate their dreams and enact their ideas, emersense.ning offers:

  • Personal Space: Individual profiles and pages to integrate blogs, discussions, impressions, events, updates and many other customized applications.
  • Common Space: Groups, forums and communities to exchange thoughts, collaborate on ideas, share reflections and build new connections within the virtual community.
  • Opportunities & Impressions: Latest news and full coverage of diverse initiatives within emersense, constant information on possibilities to engage and participate.
  • Knowledge & Inspiration: Access to learning materials and outputs of previous activities, contact points for open questions, and a shoebox filled with inspiration.

emersense.ning starts small, yet is ready to evolve. As emersense is growing, so will this virtual space. New features will be added, new opportunities be created – to leverage what is done and enable what can be done.

emersense.ning is ready… you are invited.