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“Our Seeds of Dreams” – a glimpse at our communities

29 January 2009 | Category: review | Keywords: , ,

“We are experiencing intense times of turmoil, I almost have the feeling the world has gone crazy. It might just be an impression, but more than ever, last year I felt my ground is shaking. I felt uncertainty at almost unbearable levels. And I felt how I can only dance with this chaos if I am really present in the moment, connected to who I am, able to feel the vibrations of and move in harmony with the ‘music’… I realized once more that I need to cherish what is important for me: Dreams and the walk of bringing them to light and life. Sharing them with people of value who will give me support and keep me accountable; who will not let me lose my dreams… In this community, I hope to plant this seed of dreams together with you.”

This is a perspective from emerging sense – a community that regularly brings together diverse value creators and enables the open exchange of thoughts, ideas and reflections. If you are interested in finding out more about this community please contact us at