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Emersense launched The Hub

5 December 2009 | Category: news | Keywords: , , ,

It’s official: On 4 December we opened our doors for the first time and launched The Hub. Though the space will still need some restoration, furnishing and creative touches over the upcoming weeks, we were happy to spend a lively, exciting and certainly diverse first evening with many of you in this new home for value-creators in Lindengasse 56/18-19, 1070 Vienna. So much in brief, for more just have a look at the pictures and visit the new website


Sava Dalbokov joining advisory board of emersense

1 November 2009 | Category: news | Keywords: , ,

savaContinuing his previous support of emersense now in a “formal” role, Sava Dalbokov is joining our advisory board. As CEO of good.bee he is heading the microfinance and social entrepreneurship initiative of the ERSTE Foundation and the Erste Group Bank AG. Not the usual banker, Sava Dalbokov amongst others, “likes rock & roll and moderately crazy things for a better world.” (more). We are happy to see him joining the team.

The emersense advisory board brings together a diverse mix of thought leaders, pioneers and entrepreneurs providing valuable expertise and inspiration to our journey. Further members of the board are: Hildegard Aichberger (WWF, Managing Director), Werner Binnenstein-Bachstein (Caritas Wien, Managing Director) and Stefan Leitner-Sidl (Konnex, Co-Founder and Managing Director).

Looking back at “Banking for Social Entrepreneurship”

25 June 2009 | Category: review | Keywords: , , , ,

Hosted by Erste Group, ERSTE Foundation and Česká Spořitelna in partnership with Ashoka, good.bee and emersense, “Banking for Social Entrepreneurship” brought together more than 120 selected participants in an engaging conference that pioneered several new ideas and triggered many exciting thoughts on ways to connect and leverage banking and social entrepreneurship for lasting positive impact in CEE.

Amongst the many guests and speakers of the conference: Andreas Treich (Erste Bank), Erhard Busek (IDM), Felix Oldenburg (Ashoka), Sava Dalbokov (good.bee), Jeroo Billimoria (Aflatoun), Jonathan Robinson (The Hub), Eva Varga (NESsT), Brian Richardson (Wizzit), Rupert Strachwitz (Maecenata Institut), Peter Püspök (Oikocredit), Nikolaus Spieckermann-Hutter (gcp), Franz Karl Prüller (ERSTE Foundation) and Michael Fembek (Antara Solutions).

A final thought on the role of emersense in the conference: “As learning designer of ‘Banking for Social Entrepreneurship’ we particularly intended to enable a high level of engagement and significant relevance for both social entrepreneurs and bankers throughout this unique event. We tried to make it happen in a blend of learning and exploration, seeking to encourage passion and spur creativity of everyone involved, adding edge and spark to let participants obtain clarity, form new ideas and initiate meaningful actions upon their genuine ambition.”