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EBBF Inspire featuring emersense co-founder

15 October 2009 | Category: news | Keywords: , , ,

inspire magazineIn this month’s edition of the EBBF Inspire Magazine Karim Beers interviews Alexis Eremia. Discussing the motives and stories of founding emersense, sharing insights and learnings from some of our previous projects, exploring new solutions for individuals and businesses to make use of their potential for positive contribution… many meaningful topics are addressed in a conversation you can read here.

“First Steps as Social Entrepreneurs” at E&I Institute

18 March 2009 | Category: news, review | Keywords: , , , ,

Today we shared our story of founding and evolving emersense with about 60 students and recent graduates of the Institute for Entrepreneurship & Innovation (Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration). As guests of a weekly lecture we had the opportunity to reflect upon our journey, share our ideas and gather valuable new perspectives on various matters. Finally, the open and inviting setting also allowed further thoughts and conversations within the plenary on getting started as social entrepreneurs in Austria. Our thanks for this great evening to an engaged audience and a very welcoming and open staff.

Our First Year in Retrospective

In September 2007, we founded emersense and quickly set off to enact our first ideas and initiatives that would nurture intent, grow aspirations and unfold potential for contribution. A glimpse back at this first year of existence shows the following highlights:

  • We designed several innovative learning activities around sustainability. “Solution” connected 80 participants from across the world as well as about 20 reputable partners and guests in an internationally acclaimed four day conference upon leadership for sustainability… “The Human Element of Sustainability” provided space and opportunity to conceptualize new initiatives and solutions together with EBBF and Arthur L. Dahl (e.g. co-creator of the World Summit on Sustainable Development)…
  • We created space and opportunities for social entrepreneurs from across Europe. With “Summer Retreat 08” we brought together 30 young international social entrepreneurs in a unique setting amidst Vienna and offered the space to shape new ideas upon the valuable connections and inspiration at hand…
  • We were invited to share our perspectives and ideas in diverse forums. We were selected to present emersense in the “Marketplace for Ideas” and actively engage in the “Two Wings Award” ceremony for Nobel Laureate Muhammad Yunus within the “Vision Summit 2008” in Berlin… We shared our ideas on enabling social entrepreneurship with Der Standard, spoke on panels hosted by icon-s and Die Presse, were guest speakers and leadership coaches at national and international conferences by AIESEC…
  • We built valuable partnerships for future growth and evolution of emersense. Out of several hundred requests we were selected to expand the international The Hub network in 2009… We initiated the collaboration with an advisory board comprising thought leaders, pioneers and entrepreneurs from diverse sectors… We engaged friends, enablers and supporters of emersense to bring in various perspectives and ideas into the evolution of the organization…

Last year we have started a journey. Since then we have intensified and accelerated the ride – and are now bringing emersense from a voluntary-driven association to an established social enterprise that serves as an enabling space for the value creators of today. We are looking forward to sharing this journey with you.