“emersense.ning” – new virtual space launched

10 April 2009 | Category: news, opportunities | Keywords: , , , |


Enriching our current activities to nurture spark and intent for contribution, we are today launching emersense.ning – a new virtual space to support the journeys, ideas and connections of value-creators across the world. Creating new opportunities for individuals and communities to cultivate their dreams and enact their ideas, emersense.ning offers:

  • Personal Space: Individual profiles and pages to integrate blogs, discussions, impressions, events, updates and many other customized applications.
  • Common Space: Groups, forums and communities to exchange thoughts, collaborate on ideas, share reflections and build new connections within the virtual community.
  • Opportunities & Impressions: Latest news and full coverage of diverse initiatives within emersense, constant information on possibilities to engage and participate.
  • Knowledge & Inspiration: Access to learning materials and outputs of previous activities, contact points for open questions, and a shoebox filled with inspiration.

emersense.ning starts small, yet is ready to evolve. As emersense is growing, so will this virtual space. New features will be added, new opportunities be created – to leverage what is done and enable what can be done.

emersense.ning is ready… you are invited.