“Co-creating emersense” – a glimpse at our communities

26 March 2009 | Category: review | Keywords: , , , , |

“emersense is an evolving social venture – a space for initiatives and visions to become reality… some of them started years ago, some others are just starting now as different friends of emersense are showing interest and committing themselves to grow trees out of the seeds of their dreams.

Our questions to you: How do you see your connection to emersense? Do you see emersense as a space for bringing your passion into reality? As a platform upon which you would like to engage with others? Do you want to co-create emersense as this space for social actions and ventures? Do you want to develop your own emersense venture?”

This is a perspective from emerging sense – a community that regularly brings together diverse value creators and enables the open exchange of their thoughts, ideas and reflections. If you are interested in finding out more about this community please contact us at info@emersense.org.