“Crisis vs. Krisis” – a glimpse at our communities

26 February 2009 | Category: review | Keywords: , , , |

“In the last five month a word became very popular around the world. From the taxi driver, to the analysts on TV, from the kids playing in the court yard to presidents of states, from the office to the meetings with friends, one word was on everyone’s lips. A word that is bringing fear and negative energy around the world. The word is ‘crisis’.

I have become allergic to this word and its pre-assumed negative connotation. One day I decided to go to its roots and found it in the Greek word ‘krisis’ – which means ‘decisive moment’. With this new interpretation I started to see the immense potential held in these times, the invitation to action, the opportunity for newness. It’s a word that no longer scares me or blocks my thoughts and actions but a word that fills me with energy.

With these thoughts in mind I invite you to see together the potential held in the times of ‘krisis’, the opportunities for our visions and dreams, the actions the world is calling us to take now… in these decisive moments.”

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