Who we are

We are not your usual entrepreneurial venture. More like a blend of intentions being enacted, ideas in their pursuit and a community taking shape. We are young, diverse, committed – and we really believe in making a difference in the world.

We got started in 2007. Clear in the intent of engaging our talents and passions for a positive impact on society. Committed to take a positive and creative approach that sees possibilities where issues are addressed. Open to how our initiative would evolve. And eager to pursue a work path that could bring us joy, meaning and fulfillment.

As important as these reasons were to founding emersense, as essential they are today: While our activities have changed over time, the intention and approach remained clear. And rather than being defined by an initial strategy, plan or concept, emersense has become an evolving idea and venture – grown through actions, shaped by stories and directed by intention.

By now, we are engaging in a multitude of ways: programs, communities, designs and the hub. A diverse portfolio of initiatives held together by the simple bottom line of creating what is needed to bring intentions into action and realize the potential for a better world. And each pursued with the certain special something that a young, diverse and committed team can create.


  • Alexandra Eremia
  • Cezar Neaga
  • Christine Spernbauer
  • Hinnerk Hansen
  • Lena Gansterer
  • Matthias Reisinger

Former Team Members

  • Bálint Juvancz
  • Robert Altfahrt
  • Sarah Stamatiou
  • Stefan Wiltschnig


  • Hildegard Aichberger, WWF Austria
  • Nikolaus Spieckermann-Hutter, Toniic Europe
  • Werner Binnenstein-Bachstein, Caritas Vienna
  • Sava Dalbokov, good.bee
  • Stefan Leitner-Sidl, Konnex


emersense e.V.
Lindengasse 56/18-19
1070 Vienna

ZVR: 071226933
Vienna, Austria