Summer Retreat

Connections and explorations in urban vibe

Building upon previous connections and a genuine belief in their potential, we invited 30 striving social entrepreneurs from across Europe for the kind of retreat young idealists of today need and aspire – offering tranquility and vibe, trigger and pause. In a mélange of what makes Vienna unique and lets an innovation thrive we set forth to create a space allowing to leave behind daily routines and boundaries while shaping a common experience around the valuable connections and inspiration at hand.

Thus, what we offered was a pre-designed flow, inspiring environments and open spaces along with an unquestioned trust in the intent of our guests – a frame, that blended the latest forms of self-driven learning with powerful places and surroundings. A frame that evolved into a flow of community dances atop the city, dialogues amidst the museums, open spaces in the arcades, reflection rides on the Danube and conversations in the spirit of traditional café houses as just some of the many new forms and settings that were applied.

All in all, a unique mix was shaped that helped transform yet another summer weekend of 2008 into an inspiring time and space for deep connections and innovative solutions.