What we do

We combine the idealism for a better world with the pragmatism of making it happen – to offer funky, fresh and unconventional ways of enabling individuals and organizations to bring intentions into action and realize their full potential for a positive contribution to society.

programs-v12We offer various unconventional conferences, workshops or programs for individuals to crystallize, shape and enact their ideas for a positive impact.

design-v1We design entirely customized learning environments, processes and flows to enable impactful experiences and new initiatives on issues that matter.

hub-v1We open an inspiring place for people with ideas for a better world to work, meet, learn, connect – at the heart of Vienna and within a global community. Visit the website.

community-v1We host and nurture an international community of diverse yet like-minded people with passion, drive and commitment in adding value to the world.

lab-v1We explore new thoughts and ideas, work on fields and issues we identified, and shape what we may (or may not) provide in the future.

Some impressions of what we have done so far: