“The world does not look the same through the eyes of an artist. There is no fear of renewal. No danger seen in uncertainty. Chaos is the catalyst for change. Tension the source of innovation. And a profound crisis what inspires transformation.”

Renowned virtuoso Miha Pogacnik* allowed us to take this perspective. As he played the violin and spoke to the audience, compositions were unraveled and barriers to our perception removed. Chaos was encountered. Tension felt. And a space for innovation enabled.

* Miha Pogacnik is an internationally acclaimed violinist, entrepreneur and keynote speaker. For over twenty-five years, he has infused creativity through the language of music in a multitude of settings and inspired hundreds of leading companies, global forums and pioneering institutions with his virtuosity. Amongst others he is founder of Idriart, Cultural Ambassador of Slovenia and board member of the Berlin School of Creative Leadership.