Upcoming Opportunity #1 – European Forum Alpbach

16 April 2010 | Category: Community discussions | |

Every year since 1945, the “European Forum Alpbach” has been held in the Tyrolian mountain village of Alpbach. For almost three weeks Alpbach becomes the village of thinkers or, as Otto Molden, the founder of the Forum, called it, the “other magic mountain”. Speakers and participants from all parts of the world, from science, economics and politics, experienced experts and students, come together in Alpbach to discuss the current issues and to formulate interdisciplinary solutions.

Seminar, initiated and designed by emersense

In the beginning of every Forum several seminars are being held for students on various topics. Emersense in cooperation with IG Alpbach Wien initiated and designed one of this year’s seminars:

‘Social Entrepreneurship’

The seminar will explore the concept, idea and phenomenon of social entrepreneurship with particular focus on its form and relevance in the Central European context and on gaining insights into the personal lifecycle and development path of social entrepreneurs. The seminar will conclude on a personal level with space for own ideas for social initiatives.

Read more here:
Social Entrepreneurship Seminar Flyer.pdf

How to attend:

If you are interested in receiving a scholarship in order to attend the European Forum Alpbach and the ‘Social Entrepreneurship’ Seminar please visit the website of IG Alpbach Wien (click here) and other scholarship-giving organizations (click here)

Application Deadline is April 23!

Read more about the IG Alpbach Wien Scholarship Program here:
Stipendienmenü 2010

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us: